About Us

About Our Company

Rockbug Industries is an Australian, Veteran owned organisation. It was founded in 2019 after conducting a 6BT engine and NV4500 gearbox conversion into a 105 Series Landcruiser. During this conversion Damien and Jon identified a gap in the existing 4x4 market, specifically engine conversion kits, for older vehicles which don't require the same strict emission standards as those manufactured more recently.

There are many reasons you might wish to upgrade your existing engine, be it affordability, the reliability of a mechanical engine rather than electrical, competition vehicles or anything else. Regardless, for those of us who prefer to build our vehicle rather than buy new off the shelf, there simply isn't much around in the diesel market regarding affordable, quality high end kits for someone who wants to do the work themselves rather than drive in, drive out.

Rockbug designs and tests components on their own daily drivers, clocking up hundreds of hours and multiple versions of each component listed for sale. The components are manufactured in Australia, using Australian materials, and employing Australian people.

While our engines are carefully selected from the US before being imported, they are then rebuilt using OEM or quality aftermarket components. We will not accept poor quality Chinese or otherwise knock offs.

Currently Rockbug only stocks a limited number of parts for a limited number of Toyota Landcruiser models. As our business grows, so too will the variety of makes and models we supply to. 

We will not sacrifice the quality of our product to take shortcuts, which, as a result, may mean it takes longer to deliver the end product to you. If you want quality, choose Rockbug.

About The Owners

Damien and Jon are respectively ex serving and currently serving members of the Australian Army. Both have operational experience driving and maintaining heavy vehicles in some of the harshest conditions the middle east has to offer. Similarly, both own capable 4wds, with experience in both Toyotas and Nissans and enjoy pushing them to and beyond their limits. We are effectively our own customers and as such want to produce the best product for everyone

If you have any questions, please contact us through our website and we will be happy to help out where we can.